Tactical Life Lessons for 2022

Alex Honnold climbing in Yosemite National Park, Wikipedia

Alex Honnold’s free solo climb of El Captain is the epitome of epic. This gritty pioneer of free solo mountain climbing surmounted this feat that no other has ever done.

This seemingly impossible venture was made possible by his meticulous climbing experience, determined preparation, and raw confrontation of the risk of dying.

Traversing the rigors and rewards of your life requires skillful wisdom.

Find here tactical life lessons that may equip you to live wisely in 2022.

#1 Life is a fleeting breath

My mom died from cancer on September 14, 2020.

The death of my mother left an indelible void in many lives that nobody can fill. Yet, in the midst of crippling grief and the crowded memory album of my mom, I am reminded not to take this life that God gave me for granted.

The depressing difficulties of life often settle like a dense fog and veil the beautiful vistas of overflowing joys in life. My mom’s death was nothing short of this. The scenarios leading up to and after my mom’s death are the most challenging circumstances I have faced.

Yet, it seems like yesterday that my mom was standing next to my hospital bed as doctors frantically rushed around to see what was wrong with me. While sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, I passed out after receiving a tetanus shot (due to a piece of wood lodged in my arm). My mom prevented me from collapsing on the floor. An assortment of memories like these allows me to appreciate the time I had with her.

But consider this reminder: life is but a fleeting breath. It is here one day and gone the next. The time you have to live is very brief. Therefore, be purposeful in the way you live.

#2 To trust in the Lord with all your heart is always best

Navigating life in a skillful manner is an honorable ambition.

Knowing the wisest approach remains the challenge especially in desperate and depressing circumstances.

A fluctuating borage of decisions, priorities, and circumstances most likely bombards you on a weekly basis. Difficult responsibilities seem to be lying in wait to ambush you at inopportune times. In many cases, you may be caught off guard.

What should your approach to life look like?

It is always wise to trust is the Lord with all your heart and not to lean on your own understanding.

#3 Humility is always the best high road

The lifeline of our culture stokes the fire of the “most offended” people, condemning the accused party, and awarding honorary victim badges to be shown off for all to see.

Yet, all that remains from this is an uncontrolled inferno of inflated egos and divided relationships.

The problem is pride. Pride is tightly woven into the fabric of human nature. Have you ever said something offensive to someone? Further, have you mistreated someone in a way that you would never treat yourself?

Would your pride ever allow you to seek forgiveness for mistreating someone?

The measure of a man is revealed in how he responds to hurting someone.

Take the high road even if it means tarnishing your supposed flawless reputation. When you do something wrong, humble yourself, admit your wrongs, and take the necessary steps to reconcile the situation.

#4 Taking responsibility for your actions must be a priority

Youngs kids are hilarious. Sometimes they make you laugh uncontrollably to the distain of their parents. Further, they can be master manipulators. At times they take strategic liberty to shift blame in order to preserve their supposed innocence.

Now, what about you?

Your master manipulation has only become more covert as you get older. You may be very skilled at protecting your reputation, yet you do not hesitate at dragging your neighbor through the pigsty of manipulation and blame. It is sinful human nature to point fingers and shift blame.

However, it takes integrity and honesty to take responsibility for your actions.

This must be a priority.

#5 A good name is to be more desired than great wealth

“Money will ruin the life of any man who treats it like anything but a tool with which to work.”[1]

These wise words spoken by Henry Ford remain true.

The lust for money is enslaving. An insatiable desire to hoard riches and possessions has been an engrained pursuit throughout human history. For some greed is the main meal that sustains their life. This may be you.

Yet, a reputation of integrity before God and man ought to be primary.

Consider this proclamation of wisdom amongst your daily priorities:

“Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness.” (Proverbs 8:18)

[1] The Henry Ford, “Popular Research Topics: Henry Ford Quotations,” https://www.thehenryford.org (accessed September 17, 2021).

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