Timber Sale Administration

Timber sales provide a diverse way for landowners to be stewards of their land and the wildlife.

Trees are an important asset to landowners. They not only provide a source of income but also provide an environment for wildlife to thrive. Furthermore, woodland and wildlife species flourish from proper management practices. This service is prioritizes the purposeful management of our clients land and the wildlife.

Woodland Stewardship Planning

Having a plan for management is the first step in organized and purposeful stewardship of your land and the wildlife.

Every landowner has some concern for the proper management of the land the wildlife that live on or use their property. A major concern for landowners each year is paying the property taxes. In Ohio, qualified landowners can participate in two (2) tax relief programs (Current Agricultural Use Value [CAUV] or the Ohio Forest Tax [OFTL]). This service encourages the active management of our clients. We provide the following management plans for our clients:

  • CAUV management plans (for Ohio landowners)
  • Customized management plans (with details that address specific land and wildlife management objectives)

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

Woodlots respond very well to management activities geared toward removing unwanted trees and grapevine.

Many woodlots have tree species and grapevines that do not favor the establishment and development of healthy forests. These plant species contribute to limiting forest regeneration. This service emphasizes eliminating these unwanted tree species and grapevines in order encourage and maintain a healthy and sustainable forest and wildlife landscape.

Timber & Timber Theft Appraisals

Timber land is a valuable asset for all landowners.

All trees have value, but there are various circumstances in which landowners need to know the value of their timber. This service focuses on providing our clients with an accurate valuation of their timber.

In addition, some landowners are facing the reality of stolen timber.

There are various reasons for trees being harvested and taken from the wrong property. Unfortunately, this happens too often (whether it is intentional or a mistake). This service is designed to provide our client with the proper value of the tree so that the necessary legal actions can be taken.

Tree Planting

It is crucial to select the right tree for the right site.

Trees add a lot of benefit to the landscape; therefore, each year landowners plant trees in their yards, along streets, in fields, and in portions of their woodlot. Landowners like trees for many reasons: shape, fall foliage, fruit, and/or mast. This service concentrates on providing our clients with the proper knowledge and hard work to establish favorable trees on their landscape.

Speaking Engagements

A key aspect of stewardship is having the proper knowledge and knowing how to use it.

A wide range of people are interested in knowing about and engaging in some form of management with the land and wildlife around them. It is our desire to assist everyone interested in this to be faithful stewards of God’s creation. We enjoy speaking to all sorts of audiences concerning various land and wildlife issues.

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