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Legacy Land & Wildlife Core Values

Ohio and Pennsylvania Conservation Management

Our values play out in every interaction we make as individuals and organizations on a day to day, moment to moment basis. Legacy Land & Wildlife is focused on ensuring every interaction we have, with individuals, contractors, businesses, and the world around us, reflects the following core values:

Our 4 Core Values

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We view life and business according to Biblical principles

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We care about
people's needs

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We keep
our commitments

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We aim to excel
in all of our work

Our Philosophy

Our business is built on an unwavering commitment to faithful stewardship of God’s creation.


We endeavor to be honest with our clients in all aspects of life and management.


We aim to remain true to our standards and convictions at all times and in all circumstances.


We pursue diligence within all aspects of our services.


We aspire to be a leader and an example in land and wildlife stewardship so that we can educate others and pass on a legacy of faithful stewardship of God’s creation.

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