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As new woodland owners, we really did not know where to begin. First of all, we were told that we had to have a forestry management plan on file with the county in order to qualify for CAUV credits, so of course we were motivated to comply. We contacted Dave at Legacy Land and Wildlife, and he came out to help us.

Dave not only put together a comprehensive plan for us to maintain our forest, we walked the woods and
he taught us how to care for our property, including identifying which types of trees to remove and how to promote growth of the trees that are best for the wildlife. He marked all the property lines and gave usmaps as part of the plan, since some parts of the forest needed different types of attention. One section in particular needed timbered, and Dave organized and managed the entire process, marking each tree that was to be removed, handling the sealed bids from the sawmills, and being here to oversee the tree removal to ensure that our forest and property was not damaged.

Dave even came out after the timbering was done and we again walked the forest to make sure we were satisfied with the outcome – which we certainly are. We are very pleased that we called Dave at Legacy Land and Wildlife, as our forest and the animals will be well cared for so our kids and theirs can enjoy our property for years to come.

Give Dave a call, you will not be disappointed.

Rex & Susan Ramsier | Spencer, OH

February 2018

Dave Duell was my third forester that I employed. This was also our third timber cutting. This was by far my
best experience in doing this. Instead of being a dreaded chore, he handled everything professionally and
exceeded my expectations. He also marked our property and cut some grapevine.

His fee for this was less than half the quote of my last estimate and he did more work for the cost. He went above and beyond what I anticipated in performing his work. He dealt with the Game Warden for us concerning tree stands that were constructed without our knowledge or permission. He met with us for the timber consultation and explained everything to us. When the bids came in they also exceeded our expectations since this was our third harvest. When a problem on the job cropped up he patiently worked it out. He made everything as easy as possible for us in overseeing the company that did the timber harvest.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go through this process again with him in the future. I give him the highest recommendation and wish all my service interactions were this pleasant.

Bob & Diane Kleinman | Wadsworth, OH

October 2018

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Welcome to Legacy Land & Wildlife LLC

Welcome to Legacy Land & Wildlife LLC

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