EDUCATING, ADVOCATING, and INSPIRING faithful landscape stewardship.

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Land Stewardship

We value our client’s land and seek to meet each of their management objectives.

Wildlife Stewardship

We treasure the wildlife on our client’s land and are dedicated to promote healthy forest habitat and healthy wildlife populations.


Timber Sale Administration

Timber sales provide a diverse way for landowners to be stewards of their land and the wildlife.

Woodland Stewardship Planning

Having a plan for management is the first step in organized and purposeful stewardship of your land and the wildlife.

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI)

Woodlots respond very well to management activities geared toward removing unwanted trees and grapevine.

Timber & Timber Trespass Appraisals

Timber land is a valuable asset for all landowners.

Tree Planting

Spring is the time for planting including planting trees in various landscapes.

Speaking Engagements

A key aspect of stewardship is having the proper knowledge and knowing how to use it.


“As new woodland owners, we really did not know where to begin.  First of all, we were told that we had to have a forestry management plan on file with the county in order to qualify for CAUV credits, so of course we were motivated to comply.  We contacted Dave at Legacy Land & Wildlife […]

The Ramsier Family – Spencer, OH | February 2018

Dear David, We just wanted to express our appreciation for a fine job well done on the marketing of our timber plot. It was a pleasure to work with your company as you executed the plan as discussed from the marketing, through the follow-up and conclusion stages. That said, we would recommend your services to […]

Tim & Sheila Parks – Salem, OH | September 2018

“Dave Duell was my third forester that I employed. This was also our third timber cutting. This was by far my best experience in doing this. Instead of being a dreaded chore, he handled everything professionally and exceeded my expectations. He also marked our property and cut some grapevine. His fee for this was less […]

Bob & Diane Kleinman – Wadsworth, OH | October 2018

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