Core Values in Business

How clear are your business core values?

The handicap within any business is a blurry perception of the core values. This results in various forms of distortion including your customer service experience.

The following is designed to assist you with clarifying your business vision.

Viewing Life and Business According to Biblical Principles

Would you build your house on shifting sand or firm ground?

Any wise home builder would find solid ground upon which to build. Further, a wise business owner would build their business on the sure ground of biblical principles. These must be the foundational standard of your business.

Now, this means that your thinking the buttress for the blueprint development of your business. How you think will affect the entire project of doing business.

Further, your feelings must be reinforced by what you think. What you feel must not be the load-bearing support for your thinking.

Also, your speech affects the structural stability of your business. Biblical principles must frame your speech. Your tongue trims the infrastructure of your business, whether it be used for selfish gain or selfless service.

Collectively, these principles must determine what you do. They must define how you handle your business finances, how you serve your customers and clients, how you prioritize your personal and business priorities, how you make daily business decisions, how you care for your employees, how you keep commitments, how you work, etc.

Your actions must be uncompromisingly motivated by what you believe, apart from any demolition attempts from opposition.

May you be convinced to think biblically about your life and your business and be committed to establish a firm foundation in which to build and operate your business.

Caring about People’s Needs

Terrible customer service experiences are a dime a dozen. You may be able to recall some of your own, but if you need some examples, look up Google reviews for your local McDonalds. This “ordinary” customer service expectation is sadly an acceptable business dynamic.

Your business ought to exude care for people’s needs, whether they do business with you or not.

This approach will largely be driven by how much you intentionally seek to understand people, especially your potential customers or clients. Your skill understand people will encapsulate your customer/client experience: your service to them, your response to them, and how well you manage their expectations.

A cared for and satisfied customer and client will know they have been understood.

Therefore, your customer service tools must be brought on occasion to the sharpening stone of selfless service.

Keeping Your Commitments

Hypocrisy seems to be worn today as a badge of honor. Certainly nobody is perfect, yet some have mastered this art of deception—saying one thing and doing another.

What does your word mean to your clients and customers? The value of your word is determined by your discipline and your business organization.

The twin brother enemies of commitment are laziness and selfishness. Laziness is a hedge of thorns. It is a restraint that brings harm. Laziness is like smoke to the eyes. It is an irritation. Laziness amounts to foolishness. A fool’s ambition is purely self-seeking.

Nothing will extinguish your commitment resolve to your clients and customers more than putting yourself first.

Yet, the precious possession of a man is diligence. May your business be marked by diligence to fulfill your commitments.

Aiming to Excel in all of Your Work

Is your work ethic good enough for government work?

Consumers continually attempt to find comfort from this mediocre workplace wet blanket.

This “good enough” mantra exposes a never-ending trend among small businesses. These businesses are handicapped by the lack of entrepreneurial ambitious skill and tact. Further, they impair themselves because of laziness and/or selfishness.

This problem remains and compounds because customers and clients crave the opportunity to hire these “reasonably priced” companies. What does this even mean? The majority are probably looking for something affordable but too often settle for subpar service.

Now, this should be a catalyst for you to show what it means to excel at the work you do.

Therefore, you have every opportunity to set the precedence of excellence in your work as you set the course to work hardily as unto the Lord.


Precise business values will fortify the mission of your business. Giving this some thought will expose flaws, clarify your intentions, and be a catalyst for excellence in your business.

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