Geauga County, Ohio

Conservation Canvas

Geauga County, OH
Montville Township

2021 - Establish and follow woodland stewardship plan


2021 | Invasive species control
2021 | Timber sale


2021 | Woodland stewardship plan (complete)
2021 | Invasive species control (pending)
2021 | Timber sale (pending)

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Client Thoughts

"Legacy Land & Wildlife prepared a Forestry Management Plan for our family this year. To be honest I expected a plan that would be used to obtain a CAUV tax credit, simple as that. What I received was a complete, thorough and consciences look at what "could" be, in such detail and brilliance, that we all were truly amazed and impressed. Dave Duell was not only friendly, good natured and easy going, he is a very passionate and talented forester. He walked with me for a few hours and in that time created a plan that is so well-thought it is truly brilliant. Legacy will be working with us on other projects regarding this plan and we look forward to them. Highly recommended."

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A plan is the first intentional step for stewardship on your property. We have helped clients just like you plan successful woodland & wildlife stewardship projects on their own property. We specialize in the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) grants, Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV), Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL), as well as customized management plans. We're here to help you with any and all of your conservation goals.

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